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Make sure you get out of the center into the Jordaan and Oost with their wonderful outdoor cafes. Be prepared for late-night dinners and parties til dawn. Barcelona knows how to get down. Besides a great food and nightlife scene, there is a wonderful beach, Gaudi architecture, and history dating back to Roman times. Hip and trendy Berlin is an energetic destination.

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There is a ton of cheap Middle Eastern food. Oktoberfest is a must for anyone going to or near Germany at the end of September. There are people from all over the world, lots of beer, excitement, music, and wild fun.

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Watching thousands of people sing together, toast and party atmosphere make you feel good about the world. Get a taste of English culture in diverse London. The museums here are some of the best in the world and free , plus the city offers great food, and the pub culture is wonderful. Head to Brick Lane for some amazing Sunday food markets.

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I prefer Paris to London, but there is something sophisticated and fun about London. Just watch those pints — London is not a cheap destination. My favorite region in Europe is Scandinavia. The quality of life here is high, the people beautiful and friendly, the cities clean and historic. True, this area of Europe is not cheap, but there are plenty of ways to reduce your expenses. Prague is a beautiful city with amazing history.

Have fun in the sun, hob nob with the rich and famous, and sail or gaze at gigantic yachts. You can pretend to live the high life for a little bit. Nice is nice and Monaco is just a skip away. Located in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, Interlaken is a great place to unwind with some good hikes, hot chocolate, and outdoor sports. Interlaken is also a popular party destination for backpackers and other young travelers.

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This thriving historical city has amazing food and nightlife. Cinque Terre is my favorite part of Italy. These five beautiful cliff side towns are perched near warm waters and beautiful olive and grape groves. For a real challenge, take trail 8. Or just walk the coastline for something less difficult. Krakow looks like it stepped out of a medieval postcard. You have a lot of university students here. Auschwitz concentration camp is also close by. The coolest nightlife in all of Europe is found in Budapest. These bars are built in abandoned buildings and lots and feature funky art installations and decor.

They are amazing, fun, and great places to meet locals.

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People of all ages flock here. If you skip these bars, you miss out on one of most unique things about the city. The best part of England is outside London, and, unfortunately, not a lot of people leave London. It is an km trail that winds through some incredible terrain, usually taking over a month to complete. By far my favorite festival, this giant food fight happens during the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, Spain. For about an hour, everyone throws tomatoes at each other and the streets become ankle deep in tomato juice. Afterward, everyone walks down to the river, cleans off, and then heads to the town square for sangria and music.

Not a lot of people visit Romania but this is off the beaten path country in Eastern Europe has undiscovered medieval towns, gorgeous beaches on the Black Sea, and incredible hiking — all at dirt cheap prices. Whisky has a long history on Islay. Over the years, whisky from the island came to be considered a specialty and was used to flavor a lot of other blends on the mainland. Iceland is a magical country. With whale watching in the summer and the northern lights in the winter, there really is no bad time to visit! For more information on specific countries, check out these guides!

Accommodation pricing varies, and with my help, you can find the perfect place to stay, for the right price. A room in Paris will cost on the higher end and a room in cheaper Athens will cost on the lower end.

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The further east you go, the cheaper it gets. These hotels come with amenities like breakfast, private bathrooms, and WiFi. Airbnb is also available throughout Europe. Food — Finding places to eat within your budget is easier than you think.

Throughout Western Europe, you can find small shops where you can get sandwiches, slices of pizza, or sausages for between EUR. You find these shops are most often found in train stations, bus stations, and main pedestrian areas. These small sandwich shops offer cheap food alternatives that can have you eating on between EUR USD per day.

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Food is much cheaper in the east than in the west. You can money by shopping for food at discount supermarkets like Profi , Lidl , Aldi , and Penny Market. If you eat out, do so at lunch and get the prix-fixe menu two-course or three-course set menu. You can also get affordable lunches at outdoor markets.

So many European cities have huge fresh food markets throughout town.

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If you want to save big money on meals, head to one of the markets, pick up some cheese, wine, bread, meats, or anything else, and go to the park for a picnic. Or grab a sandwich for later! See country information for more details.

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Prices for Europe travel vary greatly depending on how far north, east, south or west your travel. This is your typical backpacker budget. However, by getting tourist cards and rail passes, avoiding flights, occasionally couch-surfing, and cooking some meals, you can travel a lot cheaper. Th at would require you to take a train or a bus or hitchhike everywhere, skip most museums, and limit how often you go out.

Individual country guides have more specific information but here are some general tips help you backpack Europe on a budget :. Looking for the best hostel in Europe? Check out this list of favorites and for an even deeper selection of favorites, visit our specific city and country guides for even more options :. Transportation around most European cities by local tram, subway, or bus is typically under 2 EUR 2. Intercity transportation varies widely.

Budget Airlines — Budget airlines are so prolific that competition helps keep fares low. They also take a lot longer than trains. Each country has its own national bus service, but some lines will also take you long distances internationally. Trains — Train travel is a great way to see Europe, albeit sometimes not the most cost effective or efficient.

Intercity train prices vary wildly from country to country and depending on whether you take the slow train or a high-speed train.

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Call it the renaissance of British cuisine—from revived and updated bangers and mash to regional authentic Chinese, London has rewritten its own culinary story and now proudly bears the qualities of a veritable food destination. It is a member of the Koreanic language family and is the official and national language of both Koreas: North Korea and South Korea, with different standardized official forms used in each country. Craving some Kung Pao? Yellow Pages has you covered with the best Chinese restaurants near you.

Book a Table, Order Online. You want to feed your family healthy food, but making the best choices can be difficult, especially if you're on a budget or short on time or if you or any members of your family have special dietary needs. Our modern twist on the traditional Korean rice bowl, Bibimbap, is made with fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients. Genwa Korean BBQ. The chubby fresh-faced teenager who shot a 7-under 65 for a total under, is now the second youngest Asian Tour champion, and that was achieved after a series of near-misses.

Are you looking for the Chinese Food in your area?