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What is important is the rhythm created by the word, not an explanation of its possible meanings. The translation of the poems selected ensures that gender is exposed only as it appears in the Spanish original. This minimizes any distraction from the universal experience of anticipating love, its exploratory and passionate phases and the intimate or quotidian observations of the relationship. Dibyajyoti Sarma translates from the Assamese. Original by Kamal Kumar Tanti. Bradley Warren Davis.

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Side-by-side Original Translated Translator Notes. Image credit: Cameron York, "Obvious Child". Seven Poems by Benito Pastoriza Iyodo. Sweet, the call of the moment, sigh. The sea is inside my soul.

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The truth is inside the sea as clouds that navigate the ship. Is it an apparition of my emotions? To the depths of thirst is the well of desire. The Wolf, which looks for the stars in the laughter of your eyes. All of me has fallen there.

Soy el mar (English translation)

Do not be afraid of my essence. A little of you, bitten, ah… No, no, no…. Do not go away from my soul.

I have lost myself in love. I have lost myself in hate. I have experienced more than I know. Who was I? Who am I? Coro: Por eso tengo mucho regales en mi alma. My love I am happy with you. I do not feel bad… I do not feel bad my love. How I want you. Give it to me, my love. The reality I cannot make my mind forget her.

One day I will profess to her what is inside my heart. Lai, lo, lai….

I Am The Sea

Ser un humano -To Be Human, [All as one human]-. Hay muchas personas con mucho miedo. Coro: Mi vida, la vuestra, la suya… nos conectamos. Hay reverencia… permitidla. Dedicated to all who live in fear, and probably do not know it: What motivates you, love or fear?

It is better to give then to take. There are many people who have a lot of fear. We are preoccupied by what we do not need.

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There is reverence… allow it. What satiates?

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To be one human… to be a human alone… only to be human. Coro: Sin chiquitanas, Sin chiquitanas Ya la se fue a mi lado. Without a young gypsy women. Already she has left my side. I will not encounter my strength. Give me hope. Without a gypsy… it is probable in my soul. Time passes. The dawn always does that I wish that I Could stop time for me and only me. There is heaven that awaits me and the earth that embraces me. It is like I am caught between two worlds. I have affection for everyone. For many I am not enough Latino nor American enough.

I have affection for them both. Do not make me choose between them. I have for them both. Me deseo un zapatito de la ala de mi sombrero. Un fine muy flamenquito que un Flamenco mi zapatero. Que resuenen de mi pa sitos que un flamenco mi zapatero. Coro: No lo visto mas bonito, que mi zapatito nuevo hay que Flamenco mi zapatero.

Ya se van los marineros margajita con pan de Teleras. Ya se van los marineros margajita se van para mar, les se van para mar y olea mares. El motor rompe silencio margajita se van para mar, les se van para mar, olea mares. El motor rompe silencio margajita con pan de Teleras. Coro: Hay mi barrio marineros mi barrio, mi barrio. Hay mi barrio. Si me crucifica que te mire si me crucifica tu mirada.

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Si cuando me tiene te retiene eres como vuelo de tu enagua. Es la cuarta los lances definitivos. Definitivos, es la cuarta los lances definitivos. Coro: Esa gitana, esa gitana, esa gitana te conquista bailando por Sevillana. I want little Flamenco shoes and a plume in my hat. One Flamenco ends and a young one begins… my cobbler.

That resounding sound of my shoes situated on the ground from the Flamenco cobbler. They go to the encouraging sea. Already they go with bread of Teleras.