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But anyone who's only had the standard K exposure to science would be utterly confused by the results. Re:oysters Score: 3 , Funny. Entertaining part of Timeline, if you noticed, is that it has Mr Lazarus Long. Actually, if it was in the future, and came to the past, it would have lost more of the carbon isotope than the rest of the world. Since the carbon decays and that is what is measured, it would have decayed into the future, where it was sent to the past. So it would still be possible to carbon date it, if it had carbon in the first place, and if carbon dating could get it to that specific of a year.

But like someone else said, its probably date stamped. Proof positive that time travel is impossible - the grammar is WAY too complex. No, time travelers just don't speak English. We all kljeka fiuw coeit blot. I highly recommend this book. The link to it at Amazon is here [amazon. Good scifi Score: 5 , Insightful. Re:Good scifi Score: 1. You are absolutely correct. Re:Good scifi Score: 5 , Funny.

Re:Good scifi Score: 2 , Insightful. That's why people still care about "The Martian Chronicles", even so far as to make it required reading in some schools.

Re:Good scifi Score: 2. No, however there was a The Next Generation episode about nanites becoming aware, and speeeeking through the ship's compuuuuters. Damn you're right. Score: 5 , Funny.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

Crontab always seems to be the goto feature for dumb geek jokes. I found this book Score: 3 , Insightful. Good book, read it recently. Specifically, I read it on June 18, on airplanes and in airports taking a trip with my daughter. Kind of like "Childhood's End" but different. To clear up a few basics, the Chronoliths appear, smashing cities where they do.

They have writing on them, commemorating a battle victory 20 years in the future. No carbon dating needed, they read the information. If you suddenly had a big monument materialize obliterating your city, would you be prone to distrust the writing on it? Of a more interesting nature is a hero who is a hero by working his craft, not his fists. This aspect is reminiscent of Neal Stephenson's works or "Crosstime Engineer".

Author forgotten, but I think he was Polish In most fiction no matter what the profession of the hero, the hero-work seems to get done with fists and guns. Nice to see a change. Re:Good book, read it recently. Leo Frankowski is the name of the author. Really nifty little series.. Crosstime Engineer Gets abit corny into the 6th book but is a fun read. If it said "we come in peace", probably. Hey, give us a spoiler summary. I'm never going to read this book, but my curiosity is getting the better of me and I want to know what happens.

This aspect is reminiscent of Neal Stephenson's works. Ended up slashing a bit if I recall Woo hoo! So, the Red Sox finally win a World Series? Still disappointed with the ending Score: 2 , Interesting. I read Chronoliths and my favorite part was the beginning. The ending was my least favorite part, which probably means I didn't "get it".

While enjoyed the concept of the book it didn't live up to my expectations. The entire book leads up to the arrival of the unkown conqueror Kuin. The pace increases with each new Chronolith. However when the date foretold on the first Chronolith arrives the book dries up and decides that it wasn't so interested in dealing with Kuin at all. I was disappointed. As far as the Hugos go my favorite this year is American Gods. I thought I'd hate the book, judging from its title and the fact that I'm not American at all.

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I nearly didn't read it, but in the end decided I couldn't make a fair judge of the other Hugo nominees without reading it. I am very glad I did. Neil Gaiman's Coraline just came out as well, and my copy's already in the mail. Re:Still disappointed with the ending Score: 2. I didn't think that I would like American Gods very much, but I picked it up on the recommendation of Uncle Willy [wilwheaton.

In fact, I just reread it again a couple weeks ago beore I started passing it around to my friends. It's not particularly dense reading I finished it in one lazy Saturday but is still quite entertaining. Other reviews Score: 5 , Informative. Try the Illuminati trilogy That's nice, but not what we're talking about here. Robert Wilson conspiracy? Robert Anton Wilson [rawilson. Check it out in Amazon [amazon. This "review" is essentially only two paragraphs long.

While I know most people don't want to see spoilers, I'd rather see something a bit more meaty. Beyond mentioning that it is in the first person, there is absolutely no discussion of the style or flow of the book. Is there action? How is the character development?

Most Amazon reader reviews go into more depth. I liked it Score: 5 , Informative. The strength of Robert Charles Wilson's latest book is not in the time travel per se, but rather the response of a group of fully-developed, sympathetic characters to the phenomena they are encountering. It may not always be the right course of action, but there is an understandable human motivation when it is the wrong course of action. Scotty, the protagonist, is strong yet flawed, and his fascination with The Chronoliths is kept in proper perspective.

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Sue Chopra, the brilliant physicist, is handled gingerly by an accomplished author. The time travel theme -- the appearance of "artifacts" from the future -- is not new but is integral to the story. And this latter point is crucial to good science fiction. The science regardless of what you think of time travel dynamics is consistent and interesting and becomes a de facto character in the tale. The only area where the novel could've been strengthened was the development of Scotty's relationship with his father, and indeed, development of the father's character in general.