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Con fuoco. Toccata in Three Parts for Piano, C.

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Allegro moderato. Too much suffering in the world. The Man from Midian, ballet for 2 pianos, C. Part II : 9 to The Man from Midian, ballet suite for orchestra, C. Two Hebrew Choral Songs, for 2-part female chorus, C. Battle Piece, for piano Encouragements No. Triumph Song. Judge Sentence Song. Music for Any Instruments 10 , interval studies for players or piano, C. Vivid and enraged. Broad, with a feeling of profound intensities.

Ded: Arline Carmen. Un poco allegro. Andante appassionato. Aug Allegretto deciso. July 6. Set of Three Movements, for 2 pianos, 6 hands incomplete , C. Excerpts from Dr. Recomposed Con moto. Music for a Dancer, for piano, C. Vital, joyous. Eric Bentley. Overture and 18 songs. Enactments 5 , for 3 pianos, C. In a state of flight. Held in. Fugal motions. Early morning music. Intense and spirited. Taut; to oneself. Ded: Hilda Morley. Symphony, for orchestra, C.

Not too slow. Of festive grace. Here the sun violet. Text: Hilda Morley. Dust of Snow, for a cappella chorus, C.

Frédéric Chopin

Lively, for piano, C. Song in popular style. Theater Music for C. Com: Adja and Dore Junkers. With Raoul Pleskow.

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Ded: Eric Bentley. Ded: Winthrop Palmer. Ouverture to the Noh Play "Hanjo," for piano, C. New World. Smells that intoxicate. Text: Herodotus.

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I know a man. Text: Robert Creeley.

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  • 10 Melodies from Songland, Op.12 (McIntyre, Edwin Vaile).
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I had wanted a quiet testament. Chamber Piece No. Com: Serge Koussevitsky Music Foundation. Text and melody: Bertolt Brecht.

Eva Maxwell-Lyte with Isobel Bedlington (piano)

Apfelboeck; or the Lily of the field. Hymn of the Red Army Soldier.

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Orge's Answer. Grand hymn of thankgiving. Ballad of the adventurers. Ballad of the pirates. Memory of Marie. In his final years, he was supported financially by his admirer Jane Stirling , who also arranged for him to visit Scotland in For most of his life, Chopin was in poor health. He died in Paris in at the age of 39, probably of pericarditis aggravated by tuberculosis. All of Chopin's compositions include the piano. Most are for solo piano, though he also wrote two piano concertos , a few chamber pieces , and some 19 songs set to Polish lyrics. His piano writing was technically demanding and expanded the limits of the instrument: his own performances were noted for their nuance and sensitivity.

Chopin invented the concept of the instrumental ballade. Among the influences on his style of composition were Polish folk music , the classical tradition of J. Bach , Mozart , and Schubert , and the atmosphere of the Paris salons of which he was a frequent guest. His innovations in style, harmony , and musical form , and his association of music with nationalism , were influential throughout and after the late Romantic period. Chopin's music, his status as one of music's earliest superstars, his indirect association with political insurrection, his high-profile love-life, and his early death have made him a leading symbol of the Romantic era.

His works remain popular, and he has been the subject of numerous films and biographies of varying historical fidelity. The parish baptismal record gives his birthday as 22 February , and cites his given names in the Latin form Fridericus Franciscus [4] in Polish, he was Fryderyk Franciszek. Fryderyk's father, Nicolas Chopin , was a Frenchman from Lorraine who had emigrated to Poland in at the age of sixteen.

In October , six months after Fryderyk's birth, the family moved to Warsaw, where his father acquired a post teaching French at the Warsaw Lyceum , then housed in the Saxon Palace. Fryderyk lived with his family in the Palace grounds. The father played the flute and violin; [12] the mother played the piano and gave lessons to boys in the boarding house that the Chopins kept.

By the age of seven Fryderyk had begun giving public concerts, and in he composed two polonaises , in G minor and B-flat major. In the Saxon Palace was requisitioned by Warsaw's Russian governor for military use, and the Warsaw Lyceum was reestablished in the Kazimierz Palace today the rectorate of Warsaw University. Fryderyk and his family moved to a building, which still survives, adjacent to the Kazimierz Palace. During this period, Fryderyk was sometimes invited to the Belweder Palace as playmate to the son of the ruler of Russian Poland , Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich of Russia ; he played the piano for Constantine Pavlovich and composed a march for him.

Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz , in his dramatic eclogue , " Nasze Przebiegi " "Our Discourses", , attested to "little Chopin's" popularity. He was engaged by the inventors of the "aeolomelodicon" a combination of piano and mechanical organ , and on this instrument in May he performed his own improvisation and part of a concerto by Moscheles. The success of this concert led to an invitation to give a recital on a similar instrument the "aeolopantaleon" before Tsar Alexander I , who was visiting Warsaw; the Tsar presented him with a diamond ring.

At a subsequent aeolopantaleon concert on 10 June , Chopin performed his Rondo Op. This was the first of his works to be commercially published and earned him his first mention in the foreign press, when the Leipzig Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung praised his "wealth of musical ideas".