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This sight uses frames.

One logical error is to reify a concept into an object. We must distinguish between concepts and objects. When you are talking about a wave in stock prices you are talking by analogy towards real things in nature. In this case a wave. So consider the unlogic. But you can surf on some of them, and without a calculator in sight. Once again this is impossible. All authentic waves in nature require a medium. An analogous wave in stock prices is something else again, because its a wave in things that are already at one or two levels of abstraction.

So we know that light must have a medium. Many things in physics are in grave doubt.

But not this. A girls smile is not possible without the girls face. No evidence has ever emerged that light waves, or any real waves in nature, lack a medium. Posted by: Graeme Bird April 2, PM 41 The first step to finding out what light is, consists of finding out what its medium is. Clearly this was an unjustifiable mistake. And look at the extreme consequences of this mistake??? The proof really is in the pudding.

The result follows the logical error like night follows day. By: graemebird on April 3, at am. Even Steve Edney and some of the fellows from Catallaxy can make mediocre points once in awhile. OK, so the premise is that an obviously more advanced group of aliens visited earth at some stage and at least attempted to interbreed. This does raise a few questions: 1.

August 22, 12222

Why bother, what could they hope to gain? Or were they being altruistic? If they succeeded, surely they would have bred out factors such as greed, the urge to harm others and the desire for war? Excellent talk on gravity. Are there any other people out there who are in agreement with the likes of Gavin Menzies and Lloyd Pye. If however, they are advanced enough that the trip was significantly faster, it would alter so many salient factors regarding what took place that the questions I posed are valid, are they not?

They could have found ways to overcome the issues you enunciate, or used a completely different sytem of travel such as teleporting. Did you see this electric? Did you read this?

Arctic zoology: [pt.2]

Did you follow the argument and comprehend the degree of validity of this logical inference? Fatty-Myers is full of shit. You have to be objective about this Truism. You should see some of the stuff my former collaborator and myself have been digging up of late. Recently my old friend met a scientist who is launching a major challenge against the neoDarwinist model. Like most who do so he and the Alternberg 16 are accused of being evolution deniers. Quite the opposite, they are providing conceptual tools to explain so many things that the neoDarwinist models cannot explain.

It raises all sorts of fascinating philosophical and scientific issues. This revolution is somewhat premature, it is going to take a lot of hard work to overthrow the neodarwinist model and unless you are one of the lucky ones who gets to meet the scientists starting this challenge it is very easy to think that all the scientists just blithely accept the doctrines of their particular discipline.


Well exactly John. I was talking about an whole string of possibilities. I had about ten different possible enhancement mechanisms. From Lemarkian-lite. To Von Daniken-lite. To many catastrophic events, not as severe as the extinction events ….. But most of all to us ditching this idiocy of the young universe. And by this I mean this pathetic creation story of the big bang. That way we have the potential for two-types of panspermia. For multi-planet evolution. We have trillions of years to get life started and not just four billion.

You be more polite from now on. Ockhams razor is always my working premise. But any decent methodology means putting dozens of options on the table. I know you are capable of excellent work when you are in the right frame of mind. I have stated that I do not believe your position on the ability and intent of possible visiting aliens to be invalid. Some of you third parties might note that whilst John H and I have had running arguments at Catallaxy and elsewhere, I can never remember once having to moderate him at my place. If you learn to think again, and shed this PZ Myers bully-boy status, lose the assumption that you have the leftist gift of second sight …….

Philomena has seldom gotten moderated either. So that may bias the site deity somewhat. Well anyhow thats great news John. Lord knows its overdue. I am about to partake of good food and company. I shall respond to your missive a bit later. John H.

Trees as Starting Points for Journeys of Learning About Local History

You and your coterie would do well to go back and review all of the Berlinski objections. If you took notes from Berlinski its really just hard yakka after that. Because he really spells out the task for you guys. Also of course I recommend that you do check out Lloyd Pye. I think he makes an immense number of good points on the hominid side of things. You would have your work cut out for you there as well.

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  5. Theaters of Occupation: Hollywood and the Reeducation of Postwar Germany?
  6. Animals Under the Skin.
  7. by Tantra Bensko.

Could you come up with answers yet more convincing then Lloyd? I cannot get the Myers view.

KT Tunstall - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (Official Video)

I posted these ones at the site of the stupidest man on the internet. I ought to have saved all my posts. PZ Myers now reckons Michelle Bachman is beyond the pale. Being a scientific and economics illiterate, he would think that. He just expects all this goose-steppers to know.

He need not explain anything to her.

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  • PZ brought the thing to an end and furiously wiped my posts on evolution. Then seeing what he had done he thought he better wipe the rest of them as well. To cover the fact that he had no answer to the evolution question and that my explanation was far better than anything he could have come up with in a month of Sundays. Did you mistake her for a former Bachmann and Turner Overdrive band member?

    Surely you must have some reasons for it. Could it be a fervent belief in shutting down debate in schools and locking in dumb-left norms and beliefs? The need to end intellectual diversity? Is the anti-Bachmann thing a vote against Jews? Perhaps thats it. The wrong-footing the rightists as being anti-semitic that has gone on since World War II starting to break down and the real national socialists leaping out again. Posted by: Auditor April 3, PM So its all about junk science and killing babies with the national socialist crowd then right?