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ESPN Fantasy. And, although I would hope that the book that founded our country has a permanent home in the Whitehouse, I must include what should be required reading for all presidents, Common Sense by Thomas Paine. First of all, let me say that I agree with the idea that you can gain insight into a person's thinking by reading the books they've read; as much as we might like to think the government is incompetent, I think they are not merely seeking to intimidate the citizenry by securing our library records.

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I've read many of the books recommended by others. I find that "Plan B 3. No other book does this so well, nor so convincingly. It's solutions necessitate a way of doing business which is different than that outlined in "The Shock Doctrine". Besides, I think most presidential candidates are well aware of the reality "The Shock Doctrine" unmasks for us average citizens.

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It presents a picture of a just Britain, taking proper responsibility for historical emissions. Interestingly, this book had to be sourced from Canada for quite a while, as it was not available here! Equivalent versions of "Heat", written for every nation, need to be written. So whilst I think it's an important component and contribution, a reading of "Plan B 3.

I am a climate educator, presenting a slideshow authored by Al Gore, as featured in "An Inconvenient Truth". Yet I do not bring copies of his book to my presentations. I bring "Plan B 3. I believe it to be the most important book thus far largely ignored. Posted by: Brian February 7, AM.

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There are a number of erudite and important books that would contribute enormously toward a philosophical foundation for good governance. Overall, though, if someone had read, grasped and appreciated the entire John McPhee catalog, I would be content that they were at least capable of perceiving perspective, the lack of which, I believe, has lead to many of the catastrophic dilemmas in which we are currently embroiled Posted by: Sylvia P.

The Great Work by Thomas Berry.

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TR Crowe says, "Maybe once every years does someone emerge from the shuddering mass of humanity who speaks to us with a kind of clarity that is universally profound. Thomas Berry is such a figure. I think Hillary Clinton's suggestion was the best. The Constitution. However, I think she needs to brush up on the Constitution as well as the rest of the members of Congress. In addition all of the Executive appointees as well as Mr.

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Bush and Mr. I have a copy myself close by and find myself watching the news, looking an item in question up and begin screaming at the TV screen. It is pretty plain to me.

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Why can't the Americans who take an oath to the Constitution defend and uphold it. Lynn, From the jacket: "End of the Line is the first real anatomy of globalization. It is the story of how American corporations created a global production system by exploding the traditional factory and casting the pieces to dozens of points around the world. It is the story of how free trade has made American citizens come to depend on the goodwill of people in very different nations, in very different regions of the world.

It is a story of how executives and entrepreneurs at such companies as General Electric, Cisco Systems, Dell, Microsoft, and Flextronics adapted their companies to a world in which America's international policies were driven ever more by ideology rather than a focus on the long-term security and well-being of society. Good historical background for how we've gotten into the political, economic, environmental mess we are in, and how to get out of it - gave me hope! A must read for leaders who are serious about working for real change.

It would be too long for George Bush but any of the other candidates could handle it. Posted by: larseric February 6, PM. I was happy to read a number of posts that validate my choices for companion novels: The Grapes of Wrath and Atlas Shrugged. These stories helped me formulate beliefs and foster some confusion about the correct relationship between the individual and society.

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Reading these books will empower that understanding. I suggest the book "The Real Lincoln" By Thomas Dilorenzo the ideas put forth in that book put a lie to what we now call the ideas of our forefathers. Industrial strength central government is not in the founders tastes for they saw it in King George, an all powerful OZ is our problem now under this unitary executive showing all the lie that power vested in one omnipotent executive is a cource to a tyrants rule.

Posted by: Eric February 6, PM. I think the old text "A Theory of Justice" by John Rawls may be a good book to have as a primer to create a better society. I want to start over. Any book by any economist that has the word "fair" more times than "free" and whose last name does not start with Fr is worth taking a chance on. First - I'd want Bill Moyers for president. Lacking that, we need someone who doesn't wave the flag and the bible and has read books like Harris's Letter to a Christian Nation or Time Traveling with Science and the Saints. Washington insiders have forgotten that this is a governmnet of, by and for the people; Gravel's book is a good reminder of what we can accomplish when we work together and are no longer "drugged by fear.

My husband enjoyed reading Free Lunch by Mr.

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Johnston so much I purchased my own copy and we talk about the insight Mr. Johnston shows in this excellent book. We have a serious health problem caused in part by our diets. This book is straightforward in evaluation our current problems and suggests next steps in finding sane diets and recovering from years of low quality foods. We build a battleship a day in WWII, we can build enough windmills and solar to power the country in a year.

And enact the National Initiative to do the things government won't.

Posted by: Shawn February 6, PM. Regardless of who wins, the next president will need to understand how the upcoming energy crisis and environmental issues like global warming will shape western civilization for the foreseeable future. It is a powerful reminder of the voluntary power of the American spirit without the intercession of the central government. Government is a necessary part of the American future, but it needs to be an expression of the people, not the dictator to the people. There have been some excellent suggestions by many contributors.

The leader we want the one elected! Do you think they can follow his tightly reasoned arguments on individuality, etc.? Having read it, would they grasp its policy implications?

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  4. He outlines the indicators in the fall of civilizations: class, economics, environment etc and goes back centuries and analyses the major ones. The indicators are telling, penetrating for our times, considering and he makes that point we have only one civilization now, and its global. About pages. Posted by: david gamble February 6, PM.