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Jack briefly leaves Erinsborough to see his family and Paige says she will wait for him. Jack faces conflicting pressures between his love for Paige and his vow of celibacy. Jack looks after a little girl named Poppy Jarvis, who has cystic fibrosis, whilst her mother is in hospital, and he organises an fancy dress party for her.

Ari Philcox reveals in the confessional that he's been releasing the snakes. Jack's priestly vows forbid him passing on this information. Jack thinks that Paige is the intended target, but later learns that Steph is. Jack receives an audio message from Paige's sister, Piper Willis Mavournee Hazel of Paige declaring her love to him while on a hot air balloon trip, but during the voice message, Jack learns that Paige and her family are in danger and drives to the crash site.

Jack sees everyone except for Paige, and Piper tells him that Paige jumped off the balloon before it crashed. Jack goes to find her and finds her red scarf in a dam. After searching, he finds an unconscious Paige on the shore, who suffers from hypothermia. He carries her to an abandoned shack to warm her up. Jack told Paige that he knows how sorry she is and confess his love to Paige. The pair then sleep together, reconciling their relationship. Jack leaves for Queensland, later returning with his former girlfriend, Simone Bader, causing Paige to again feel betrayed.

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Jack and Paige break up as he chooses the church over her again. Jack finds out that Paige is pregnant and Jack assumes he's the father, but Paige says that he's not and that David is the father.

Jack wants Dustin Oliver to help with a new refugee centre, but Dustin refuses thinking, wrongly, that he may be the father of Paige's baby, and wants to get away. When Jack learns that he is the father of Paige's baby, he considers leaving the priesthood and remaining in Erinsborough with Paige, whose parents are leaving for the Gold Coast. Paige considers leaving with them, but decides to stay, so Jack can be with his child. Paige returns to the shack where their child was conceived and goes into labour. Jack and Karl find her and help deliver her son.

Paige loses consciousness and is rushed to the hospital, while the baby is taken to a neonatal unit. Jack decides to leave the church. Lauren returns to support Paige, and is initially angry with Jack for letting Paige go off on her own. Paige eventually regains consciousness and names their son Gabriel. After learning Paige's sister is ill, Jack encourages Paige to go to Queensland with Lauren to support her. Bishop Green tells Jack that if he quits the priesthood the church will close.

He decides to go through with his plan and leaves the church. He moves into Erinsborough Backpackers. Jack declares his feelings for Paige, but she rejects him. Jack works with Stephanie Scully on an application for the Most Liveable Suburb competition and they kiss. Steph initially calls it a mistake, but they later have sex and soon begin a relationship.

Jack supports Steph when she thinks she is having a mental health relapse, and when she turns her motel into a cancer wellness centre.

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Jack secures a job at Erinsborough High as a counsellor, but some students accuse him of promoting religion. Near to his first appearance while his identity remained unknown, sources weren't sure what to make of John, with Kilkelly Digital Spy describing him as "mysterious" [3] and Sam Warner Digital Spy commenting, "it's unclear if he is a hero or villain". Katie Baillie from the Metro called Jack a "poor lad" after Paige doesn't tell him about the baby.

But hearing it from Paige as she thinks she's about to die and learning other people knew this whole time isn't ideal for him either. Time to split! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I haven't even told some of my friends and family. The ones that I have told have all said: 'Are you serious? How are you going to play that?! The reason he left the priesthood was so they could be a proper family. Sadly she doesn't feel the same, Paige is deeply in love with Mark but Jack is hoping they won't last!

Then he finds out Mark intends to propose on the glamping trip. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 13 February Digital Spy. Retrieved 18 February And the truth about leaving Home and Away". Benjamin Mitchell made a brief appearance as Brad in October , before going on to play the character's cousin, Cameron Hudson. The characters were introduced to the show during a period of roller coaster ratings. Before he made his first appearance in Neighbours , Brad was said to be living in America after gaining a basketball scholarship.

In his book, Neighbours: 20 years of Ramsay Street , Tony Johnston described Brad as a blond, tanned surfer, who matched his brawn with a caring attitude and a love for family. They try to prove their worth to Philip Martin Ian Rawlings , however when Gaby issues an ultimatum to him to choose between her and Brad, Philip fires her and promotes Brad. Following his reintroduction in , Brad had matured, but still maintained his "relaxed attitude to life" and friendly demeanour. He also became a swimming coach to his son Josh.

Monroe said Lucy and Brad were "a pretty solid item though" and Beth did not get a look in.

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Just one week after Lucy's departure, Beth came to Brad and asked him to have sex with her. While discussing the scene, Michaelson became worried that some viewers thought Brad might be gay. Michaelson later revealed that Brad would turn into "a creep" when he starts dating two girls at once. Despite being unsure about marriage, Brad still intended to go through with his wedding to Beth.

Imbruglia explained "They walk down the aisle together, but Beth is a bit unsure because that morning she sees Lauren and Brad together. And then she notices that Brad is just constantly looking at Lauren, and she just says 'Wait a minute, I don't think I can go through with this. Brad and Lauren eventually broke up and Brad and Beth began dating other people, mostly so they could make each other jealous.

Beth then revealed that she still loved Brad and accepted his proposal.


However, their family and friends realised what was going on and tracked them down. So we're dragged back to Erinsborough for a second wedding and this time it's with all the trimmings. Pam unwittingly walked into the house and Bob took her hostage too. Pam was then left fearing for her son's life. He acted instinctively, but I certainly hope I'd behave like that if anyone in my own family was being threatened by a gunman. He added that he would have been disappointed in Brad if he had not tried to help his mother and Phoebe.

Bob was later arrested.

  1. Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel Intrigue.
  3. New Day.

Michaelson signed a new twelve-month contract with the show in October Scott has work lined up in the UK next April and he wants to be free to do it. On 7 February , it was announced that the character would be returning to Neighbours , with actor Kip Gamblin taking over the role from Michaelson. Richard says he doesn't hold any fears that long-time viewers will reject Kip as Brad, believing that enough time has passed for the show to pull of a successful recast. Brad, the character, has grown up and changed, so we're sure the recasting will be fine.

Gamblin believed that Brad's feelings for Lauren were in the past and he is settled with Terese. On 27 March , it was confirmed that Gamblin would be leaving the show, along with Kendall. They departed on 7 April. Brad meets Sharon Davies Jessica Muschamp and they go out on several dates together, the first is ruined when Brad takes Sharon to a basketball game he is playing in and on the second, Brad falls asleep during a movie much to Sharon's annoyance. A couple of years later, Brad returns to Erinsborough after his parents bail him out of an Asian jail. Brad befriends Guy Carpenter Andrew Williams and they start training for a cross-country race together.

Brad is shocked when he discovers Guy has been using steroids to enhance his performance and he tries to talk him out of using them. Guy tells Brad to stay out of business, but Brad seeks advice from his mother, who tells Guy's aunt, Brenda Riley Genevieve Lemon , what he has been doing.

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  • Brad begins working for Paige Sneddon Tracy Callender at a surf shop and he designs surfboards for her. They also begin dating. When Brad's boards are stolen from his garage, Guy becomes a suspect because a pendant found at the scene matches his one. Brad's sister, Gaby, confronts Guy and he explains a woman he previously dated gave him half of the pendant and he kept the other half. Guy realises that the woman was Paige, but his plan to get the truth out of her is ruined when Brad walks in on him asking her out on a date.

    Brad eventually discovers the stolen boards in Paige's garage and he breaks up with her. The group meet David Brennan Simon Stokes , who has been hiding out in their beach house, and his sister, Beth. Despite competing with Josh for Beth's affections, Brad realises he likes Lucy too. Brad begins a relationship with Lucy, but when Beth moves to Erinsborough and starts competing for Brad's affections it puts a strain on their relationship.

    When Lucy takes a modelling assignment overseas, she and Brad break up.