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In the near future, we hope to make a wide variety of songs available.

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The way it works is this: You choose which songs you want and the style in which you want them printed. Then this server instantly creates a PDF songsheet with exactly the songs you want. You can download as many songsheets as you want, as often as you want. If you want a song that isn't here, please contact liturgy lashon.

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You can select up to ten songs. Please wait 30 seconds after asking for your songsheet. It talks of banishing the darkness. Hanukkah Blessings These two blessings are recited when the Hanukkah candles are lit.

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There are dozens of verses floating around try making up your own! Ki Imcha Though not particularly well known, and not even specifically intended for Hanukkah, this wonderfully simple song about light is perfect for singing around the Hanukkah candles Latke Ditties This is a wonderful parody on the song O Chanukah. Here is the first verse, in Hebrew.


It can also be sung as a seven part round. If you have enough singers, give it a try! This seems to be exactly the reverse of the rabbinic transformation of Chanukah.

The original story in the books of Maccabees was about a military victory, and the Hasmonean dynasty seizing power. The rabbis didn't like this one bit, so Chanukah is almost absent in the Mishnah, and when it shows up in the Gemara, the military story is replaced with the familiar Sunday-school story about the oil lasting 8 days. This shabbat, we'll read the haftarah with the line "Not by might and not by power, but by my spirit", which seems to be the essence of the rabbinic Chanukah.

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Similarly, the rabbis turned Exodus, the tragic drama of Moses's life, into the haggadah, where Moses is barely mentioned. In contrast, the modern Israeli spin on Chanukah brings back the might and power. These "g'vurot" heroic deeds are now attributed to Israel, not God.


Do they make us subjects of history rather than mere objects? Do we gain more responsibility for our actions? Do we gain hope in times when God's face is hidden? Are we making the error of saying "My own power and the might of my own hand have won this for me" Deut ?

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Are we actually abdicating moral responsibility, selectively seeing history as "g'vurot Yisrael" when we're happy with the outcome and just "things that befell us" when we're not? Do we lose our humility?

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