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There was a whirr of city buses and express inter-city buses as soon as I left the glass enclosure of the baggage claim. Private tour guide, blogger and travel junky. My life fits in a backpack, by which I dream to travel the world. I believe in the spontaneous decisions, the waves, the smiles, and the magic power of nature. In other words, I live to travel and travel to live. Seoul is an enormous city, and it seems like everyone who lives there is in constant motion. It is a strange combination of the ultra modern and old-world charm. Ultra modern, glittery shopping centers sit right up next to stalls selling street food and markets that go on forever under squat tarps.

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One could visit Seoul and probably spend their entire Korean adventure there, wrapped up in the mysteries of this gigantic city, but I chose a different route. I wanted to get out and see more of rural Korea, and I especially wanted to try out my language skills and maybe get myself a little lost. And, Korea does not disappoint. The mountains are gorgeous, catching the sunset light with their sheer rock faces.

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Thin mist hangs in the air, and roads twist and turn at will as they look for a route to their destination. From the window of a bus you can see the winding roads, the mountains you climb up and through , the rich forests, and the endless rice paddies. It rains considerably during the summer, which is beautiful in the dense forest. The name Samhan became synonymous with the Three Kingdoms of Korea beginning in the 7th century, and by the Goryeo period it became a common name to refer to all of Korea.

Han had been selected in reference to Samhan , specifically the Three Kingdoms of Korea , not the ancient confederacies in the southern Korean Peninsula. This name was used to emphasize independence of Korea, because an empire can't be a subordinate country. Korea became independent after World War II and the country was then divided.

Each component of the name was carefully selected. For the long form of the name, Konghwaguk was used for republic because of its leftist connotations over Minguk. North Koreans wanted to adopt something that had already been used in the Eastern Bloc to borrow legitimacy. A choice was presented between a " People's Republic " and a " Democratic Republic ", because they had been used in the names of the short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets and the Finnish Democratic Republic , respectively.

Kim began to speak of a "Democratic People's Republic". Thus the name of the country became "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" in Korean and "Korean People's-Democratic Republic" in Russian so that both parties could claim that they were behind the coining. In Chinese -speaking areas such as China , Hong Kong , Macau and Taiwan , different naming conventions on several terms have been practiced according to their political proximity to whichever Korean government although there is a growing trend for convergence.

The Republic of China previously maintained diplomatic relations with South Korea, but has never had relations with North Korea. Under the influence of official usage, which is itself influenced by the official usage of the People's Republic of China government, the mainland practice of naming the two Koreas differently has become more common.

Korea, Land of the Morning Calm

The above usage pattern does not apply for Korea-derived words. By January , this policy started to be abandoned by most newspapers, starting with Tokyo Shimbun , which announced that it would no longer write out the full name, [23] followed by Asahi , Mainichi , and Nikkei [24]. This term is not used in ordinary Japanese, but was selected as a compromise to placate both nations in a euphemistic process called kotobagari.

This term, however, may not be suitable to ethnic Japanese whose "our language" is not necessarily Korean. In Japan, those who moved to Japan usually maintain their distinctive cultural heritages such as the Baekje-towns or Goguryeo-villages. In Mongolian , solongo means "rainbow. The name of either Silla or its capital Seora-beol was also widely used throughout Northeast Asia as the ethnonym for the people of Silla, appearing [ After unification, the northern Vietnamese terminology persisted until the s.

The official names of both entities are also used by organizations such as United Nations , International Olympic Committee and media such as the Associated Press , China Global Television Network , and several others. As with other European languages, English historically had a variety of names for Korea. The modern spelling, "Korea", first appeared in the late 17th century in the travel writings of the Dutch East India Company 's Hendrick Hamel. The terms "Chosunese" or "Chosonese" were first used to refer to the people of Joseon in the late 19th century but were eventually phased out.

Despite the coexistence of the spellings "Corea" and "Korea" in 19th-century English publications, there is a conspiracy theory among some Koreans that Japan, around the time of the Japanese occupation , intentionally standardised the spelling on "Korea", so that "Japan" would appear first alphabetically. A shift can also be seen in Korea itself, where postage stamps issued in used the name "Corean Post" in English, but those from and thereafter used "Korea" or "Korean Post".

By the first two decades of the 20th century, "Korea" began to be seen more frequently than "Corea" — a change that coincided with Japan's consolidation of its grip over the peninsula.

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Most evidence of a deliberate name change orchestrated by Japanese authorities is circumstantial, including a memoir by a Japanese colonial official that complained of the Koreans' tendency "to maintain they are an independent country by insisting on using a C to write their country's name. European languages use variations of the name "Korea" for both North and South Korea.

Outside of Europe, most languages also use variants of "Korea", often adopted to local orthographies. Within Spain , the Basque Country and Navarre regions use the spelling "Korea" in their Basque language , while the rest of the country uses "Corea", but this usage is related to national language politics rather than international usage.

Many Goryeoin are living in the CIS , including an estimated , in Russia , 22, in Uzbekistan , 20, in Kyrgyzstan , 17, in Kazakhstan , 8, in Ukraine , 2, in Belarus , in Moldova , in Georgia , in Azerbaijan , and 30 in Armenia. Some soldiers suffered from frostbite. Soldiers also had to deal with the difficult Korean mountainous terrain. It was hard to carry their equipment up and down those mountains. And they had a lot of equipment!

A Canadian infantryman carried rounds of ammunition that would be like carrying around a very heavy shoe box! They had heavy packs! Many soldiers had families back at home that were anxiously waiting for their return.

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After three years of fighting, many soldiers did return home to their loved ones in Canada. Unfortunately, Canadians died in service during the Korean War and, sadly, never saw their families again. Peace is fragile. While the Korean War Armistice was signed almost 65 years ago on July 27, , it is still not quite peaceful, and people there are still worried about war.

It is hard to work toward peace. It is important to cooperate, listen to others, and show respect.

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Did you know that every person in the world has rights, including kids? You have rights like:. If you knew that there were people or kids like you in another country whose rights were threatened, would you want to help them? Would you support sending soldiers to help them?