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Nick" and "High Stack O' Presents" aren't going to make you break into "O Holy Night" or look for something under the tree, but they'll sure make the office Christmas Party go a lot easier. As fun as being tied under the mistletoe. Rudolph, mistletunes. As an antidote, they also bring us "Xmas Anonymous. Offering what they're pleased to call "seasonal skiffle-swing and jugabilly-infused revelry," the 16 songs here nine of them originals definitely live up to that billing. The 12 musicians are featured in a variety of formats and on various instruments e.

Gerry Grzyb, Dr.

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Many of the songs are originals, and all are crazy fun, so if you prefer washboard and kazoo to handbell and pipe organ, here's your CD. Irreverence and merriment--it's what they do. Ear Bud, East Bay Express, Kirsty Evans Full of witty renditions of holiday-themed tunes, this album will get anyone into the true spirit of the season An excellent antidote to seasonal stress. Dig "Santa Lost a Ho" as in "ho ho ho," you nasty kid.

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And, with the exception of a Salvation Army-esque "Silent Night," if you don't listen to the way funny lyrics, you'd never know this was Christmas music. So save this one 'til the folks go home, then tear up the rug" Richard Banks, ChristmasReviews. Maybe that's really two questions, and I don't have an answer for either, but if they need a little validation in order to work up the courage to quit their day jobs, I'm here to offer it. Actually, I've been listening to a couple of these wily veterans since the '70s, Dan Hicks' in particular. What you have here is an assortment of their styles and licks, even better than their last offering, and almost off the scale, listenability-wise.

I liked every song on the record, so it is unfair point to any one as being substantially better than the others. But if I mention Angela Strehli and Maria Muldaur's rendition of Boogie Woogie Santa Claus, it would only be because it might positively affect the search engine rankings. Besides, I've always liked Ms. Strehli best of all the Austin-based blues singers. Her voice still has that throaty sexiness, and its pairing with the somewhat deeper textured voice of Maria Muldaur is inspired. Santa Lost a Ho is just odd.

How Santa Lost His Jollies

And even the obligatory Silent Night offers a change of pace. Bottom line: this wide-ranging CD, includes blues, swing, and folk elements in other words, all of the important musical genres , filled with clever new tunes and clever renditions of others, from Dan Hicks and his juggy band of merry misfits. What more could you ask for, for Christmas? By rights the joke should be wearing pretty thin: It's been 25 years since the group's impromptu origins and 15 since the release of its first seasonal CD.

But the band's latest set of cockeyed Christmas jingles might be its best yet. The jug-band atmosphere -- washboards, kazoos, wood blocks and clarinet are just a few of the ornaments -- is as cheery and tipsy as the lyrics. Best of all in this season of overfamiliarity, the songs are mostly originals. In between showcase gigs at watering holes in its own backyard, the band also helps celebrate 'Holidaze in Hicksville' with longtime member Dan Hicks on Saturday at the Fillmore.

Plenty of excuses to hit the Christmas jug. Sunday and 8 p. Monday at Sweetwater, Throckmorton Ave. David Hinckley, NY Daily News -- Good-natured, old-time irreverence, in music and lyrics, makes this record fun without being strictly a novelty Recording together again in the first time in forever, this bunch of fun by some of the greatest names from 70's blues, rock and pop will blow you away because it's done outside the system with an attitude to match. With a songbag that pulls from many outlaw quandrants like the Marx Bros.

Let the good times roll. Com Guide To Hick Music , Recommended Records -- "A great, groovy, well-produced and really good-natured set of original roots-blues holiday tunes The album kicks off with the off-color "Santa Lost A Ho" and zips through a series of similarly silly, likeable novelty tunes.

The players are cherry-picked from the ranks of overly-talented Bay Area musicians -- mostly fellows whose names you wouldn't recognize, though roots divas Maria Muldaur and Angela Strehli drop in for a duet on "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus" and Norton Buffalo resurfaces for "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" don't play this song for your kids: they'll only get ideas! Overall, this is a really fun album If you want a little break from the saccharine blechiness that passes for yuletide cheer, then this is a disc that may make your holidays fun again!

Rating: Five holiday stars. Tom Edwards, AOL Weekender -- "Christmastime elicits a host of beloved holiday activities: tree trimming, eggnog drinking and gift giving to name a few. For many, being bombarded with saccharine-laced holiday songs does not make the list cherished winter memories. If you are one of these people, and find that your th listening to 'Greensleeves' while at the mall has you ready to go grinch, stop shopping and head to a Christmas Jug Band concert.

What began as a whiskey-fueled lark the group was originally known as the Monday Night Wild Turkey Jug Band , has become a year holiday tradition. The group plays its share of holiday standards, but makes its mark with original tongue-in-cheek odes to the season such as 'Santa Lost a Ho' and 'Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Christmas.

The Jug Band backs up its lyrics with an entertaining blend of country, blues, skiffle and rock, a mix you can hear on its latest collection of left-field Christmas songs, 'Uncorked. With numerous shows over the holiday season, you'll have plenty of chances to catch the Jug Band. If you haven't already, be sure to make it a holiday tradition.

It's just the ticket for holiday parties and if you're tired of that cute arff, arff, arff rendition of "Jingle Bells" that blasts from the town square, but want something a bit more cheerful than "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," "Uncorked" is the medicine. The Christmas Jug Band formed 25 years ago during a momentary lapse of sanity-at least that's what the members of the group will tell you.

The rumor with the most credence claims that this bunch of single musicians were feeling kinda blue one holiday season, so trekked down to their local pub and started performing. Now, after 25 years, it's a tradition. Made up of mostly Marin County California musicians, the players get together only during the holidays.

The few original members who have moved away don't make it every year, but the show does go on as new recruits fill in the holes and make for an even bigger sound when the originals are in town. The group's first album "Mistletoe Jam" was released in on Globe Records. The all-acoustic multi-instrumental skiffle-swing combo is made up of Mr.

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The music is jug band hybrid. In addition to using traditional instruments like guitar, accordion, saxophone, drums, etc, etc, there's washboard, jaw harp, and everything right down to hammering on the kitchen table. You bet it is. Add it to your collection. On Globe Records and available at www.

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If you happen to be in the San Francisco area Dec. This collection of San Francisco "jug-a-billy" musicians has been performing holiday concerts with a zany twist in the Bay Area over the last 20 years and present newly-appropriate material here such as 'Santa Don't Do It' and 'Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Christmas'. Instruments include washtub bass and coat hangers.

No amateurs here - just Dan Hicks himself and an array of sidemen who have played backing up such top-notch performers as Etta James, Norton Buffalo, Commander Cody, et al.

A Climax for Christmas by C.C. Genovese

They've actually been getting together for a decade 2 and this is their 3rd mistletoe release. There's also a send-up "Mr. Sandman" as "Mr Santa" that qualifies as a hoot-'n'-a-half, and a tune titled "Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Christmas" that calls out for heavy airplay.

There's also a rasty cover of Charles Brown's "Merry Christmas baby. With parody abounding "Mr. Sandman" recast as "Mr.

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The Christmas Jug Band seems to be here, there everywhere around the Bay these holiday season nights they're at Sweetwater on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. With a new CD on the market "be sure you mention that" said Hicks and a delightful combination of tight arrangements, new and traditional tunes -- traditional by Jug Band standards -- this show is much the best yet.

They play and sing "Mr. Sandman," of course and feature accordion, kazoo and trumpet in a clever arrangement of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" -- falsetto vocal by Hicks, backed by the Jug Band Mumbling Four. A new number, "Washboard Road," by guitarist, jaw-harpist, percussionist, straw-boss Tim Eschliman, features the composer as well as drummer Lance Dickerson on washboard, clanging bell and other percussion devices -- it's a four-beat "Chicago Southside-Shanghai Nitespot" number. With these boys, the holiday blues are literally just that -- backwater renderings of Christmas sing-alongs that will have you doing the roadhouse hip-shake before Santa can say ho.

Santa" to the tune of "Mr.

Imagine 'Winter Wonderland' in Latin America. Claus from obeying Mrs. Claus' order that he 'lose the beard or sleep with the reindeer. These guys don't take themselves or the Christmas season too seriously, and they have done a great job conveying a goofy merriment that me and mine will be listening to through December Selections range from the predictable 'Jingle Bell Rock' to the inspired 'S. Gloria ' which Van Morrison might've thought of himself if he'd gone to more frat parties to the possibly blasphemous but very funny 'Rockin' the Nativity Scene. Martin Keller, amazon.

The Jug band rocks, swings, and swerves off the road in performances recorded live on Christmas Eve , and December 23 and 24, Hicks's and his fellow Juggers' droll and often tongue-in-cheek delivery of Christmas goodies is certain to charm even the most vexed Scrooge. A" , it becomes clear that the band is inviting listeners to a great party.

Don't start the bah humbug's just yet. The Christmas Jug Band is a yearly tavern collaboration of some of the Mill Valley, CA area musicians, better known for their contributions to other artists and bands i. If you appreciate what we do, we hope you will consider making a financial contribution, which you can do by clicking the "Support Us" button in the bottom-right-hand corner of your screen. It takes less than a minute, and your generosity will help us continue to produce vital, progressive, and honest journalism in the city we all love.

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