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This could potentially lead to other changes, such as a switch to dual stream, according to WTOC. July Bulloch County has stopped accepting all plastics at its drop-off recycling centers, according to the Statesboro Herald. The Candler County Recycling Center, which the Metter Advertiser reports was sending material to Bulloch, has now cancelled its own plastic recycling program as a result.

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The Gainesville Times reports that Hall will pay half the market rate for cardboard, but will not pay for plastic, metal or paper. Glass is currently not accepted. Side Effects Honolulu had already been struggling with recycling markets prior to the China announcement, so an October report from the city auditor that recommended sending recyclables to the H-Power waste-to-energy facility was appealing to some. Though the City Council voted against making any decision on this for the time being.

The local MRF has added labor, and contamination enforcement has stepped up, though local rates are thankfully lower than average due in part to a robust education program when curbside recycling launched in Though discussions are ongoing about potentially reducing collection frequency in Honolulu, allowing some low-value material to go to a WTE facility or enacting new packaging bans. The city ultimately decides against it.

May Lewiston is reevaluating its recycling program after contractor Sunshine Disposal asked for relief from its current contract, according to the Lewiston Tribune. Options include raising rates, scaling back the program, or cancelling it. Nampa raises rates in June Pocatello prepares for a potential cost increase with Western Recycling. March-June Boise launches the Hefty EnergBag program for select types of plastic, which are collected via special orange bags and sent to Renewlogy's Utah facility for chemical recycling.

The Idaho Statesman reports an estimated 54, pounds of material has been collected by the end of the month. June Meridian officially reaches an agreement with Boise to participate in the program, following nearby Garden City and Eagle, according to the Meridian Press. July The city of Moscow recently decided to cut mixed plastics, aluminum foil and trays, aseptic packaging and other items from its curbside program. KMVT reports that the city has been sending most of its recyclables to the landfill in recent months. The Lewiston Tribune reports that Lewis Clark Recyclers decided to discontinue this service after extended periods of financial difficulty.

The county is in talks with Hamilton Manufacturing about potentially buying the material to make hydromulch and cellulose insulation, according to the Idaho Mountain Express. Republic Services and Waste Connections subsidiary Groot Industries are the main providers in these areas.

Republic has been emphasizing proper education at local council meetings, according to the Hoopeston Chronicle. July A new investigation from the Better Government Association raises questions about how Waste Management's standards for tagging carts as contaminated compares to routes serviced by others, and how much more material is being landfilled as a result. A subsequent Board of Aldermen hearing brought further attention to this issue, with city officials pledging greater oversight.

The nonprofit accepts material from local residents in an effort to keep it out of landfills. Corp cited China's new policies as the main reason for closing its Romeoville facility, according to Plastics News. The Pontiac Daily Leader reports that officials aren't necessarily opposed to paying more, but worry this will open the door to future requests.

The Daily Journal reported that new drop-off bins - with size restrictions to limit illegal dumping - would be placed throughout the city as an alternative.

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Though weeks later, it was reported that city officials have decided to hold Republic to its contract that runs through and nothing will be changing. The Pontiac Daily Leader reports that Chenoa still hasn't decided whether to raise rates or reduce its recycling program.

The decision was made after only one company bid on a new contract at more than double the previous annual price. Since then, private company Quincy Recycling has stopped accepting drop-off material and some residents are unhappy with having to purchase new bins.

The Quincy City Council later decides not to purchase new recycling bins, due to low opt-in interest so far, according to the Herald-Whig. April Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful will close one drop-off center, and no longer accept paper, plastic or glass at another, according to the Rockford Register Star.

April Waste Management is cracking down on contamination in Oak Park, and will not collect carts with repeat issues after a warning period, according to the Chicago Tribune. Side Effects In Terre Haute, where Republic Services is warning that mixed paper has lost all value and Goodwill Industries will no longer accept material, city officials are looking for ways to ensure recycling stays viable.

The Tribune Star reports that free drop-off sites, with adequate security to reduce dumping, could be an option. Joseph County, and is asking for a year extension, according to the South Bend Tribune. Best Way Disposal has agreed to extend its current contract through October while this is negotiated, according to an editorial from Portland's mayor in The Commercial Review.

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April Changes and Solutions Republic Services is nearly doubling rates for Indianapolis residents, the maximum allowed under its contract, as reported by the Indianapolis Business Journal. In Brownstown, The Tribune reports that Rumpke has also raised rates. The Greene County Daily World reports that Republic will no longer accept glass at county recycling centers as of July due to fiber contamination. WAWV reports customers can still drop off material with the company, and also notes Republic has stopped accepting glass. The Republic reports that Bartholomew County's material is also finding domestic buyers, such as WestRock and KW Plastics, but also highlights financial effects for multiple local governments in the area.

Side Effects The Wall Street Journal reported that Mid America Recycling was facing issues with mixed paper and had been stockpiling in hopes of better markets. When that didn't come, the company was forced to send 1, tons of material to a landfill. May Market effects have begun to sink in for more recyclers in the state after months of tough pricing, according to Quad-Cities Online.

June Waterloo recently solicited bids for a new recycling contract and only received one response from Republic Services. Out of 10 major recycling operators, one reported landfilling material, two reported dropping items from their lists and two reported stockpiling. July The Oskaloosa Herald reports that Midwest Sanitation is now outsourcing its processing to another city after deciding the costs to do it locally were no longer worthwhile.

Though costs could still go up, which would affect prices for residents in Lawrence.

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June KSN reports that non-profit PRo Kansas Recycling is stuck with an estimated 70, tons of recyclables and mixed plastics are particularly hard to move. July Roeland Park officials were recently told that recyclables could end up in an area landfill if contamination rates don't come down.

According to KAKE , this is also affecting companies that utilize the facility. Waste Management is now asking Center Valley for a rate increase. July Wellington will now only accepts plastics , cardboard and office paper, according to the Wellington Daily News.

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Southern Recycling, which services Warren County, reports having more difficulty finding end markets. While the city reports struggles with low mixed paper pricing, and other common factors, it doesn't anticipate making any programs changes. According to interviews with Waste Dive , the move came as a surprise to many. While some companies, such as Rumpke, have announced plans to move that material elsewhere others will not be doing the same. May Following Lexington's abrupt decision to stop accepting mixed paper, Frankfort and Franklin County anticipate the situation will remain the same for at least a few months.

In the meantime, The State Journal reports that local officials and some residents are considering composting paper as an alternative. Side Effects The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report details how city recyclables are continuing to find domestic markets, albeit with increased competition, and indicates rates won't rise in the near-term because they already did under a previous contract. The Daily Comet also reports that markets have not had a discernible effect on programs in Terrebonne parish. March Changes and Solutions Republic Services informed customers in Ascension Parish it will no longer offer recycling service as of April 1.

Waste Pro will continue to offer curbside service for a higher rate, or local residents can still drop off material for free in Gonzales. March Republic announces its Metairie facility will no longer accept residential recyclables effective mid-May, citing contamination, according to The Times-Picayune. The New Orleans Advocate reports its city will be cutting mixed plastics, cartons and bags from the acceptable list in order to meet new standards at a different facility. Though at least one, the town of Orono, has decided to keep paying in the meantime.

It has unique leverage because Casella utilizes city land for its operations. March The small town of Kennebunkport is weighing whether to keep or change its current curbside recycling program ahead of an August contract renewal, according to the Bangor Daily News. May The Times Record reports on multiple municipalities that are expecting further costs, including Brunswick which weighed ending its program before deciding to maintain service.

The Sun Journal reports the city of Auburn, which contracts with Casella Waste, is also debating whether to end its curbside program. May Changes and Solutions The Tri-County Solid Waste transfer station, which provides drop-off service for multiple rural communities, stops accepting all plastics except 2. Lincoln County follows suit, as reported by Wiscasset Newspaper.

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May Making good on that promise, ecomaine begins charging member communities for contamination and some collection companies leave dirty bins behind. May-July The small town of Gouldsboro is cancelling curbside service effective Sept.

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The Bangor Daily News later reports that other towns have since called for advice on whether to consider doing the same. Woolwich's service provider Riverside Refuse will begin inspecting carts and refusing contaminated loads, as reported by The Times Record. The Kennebec Journal reports that costs had become too high. Ellsworth will no longer take glass, mixed paper and mixed plastics at its transfer station, per the Bangor Daily News. The town of Bradley is planning to end curbside service, following a new bid that was nearly double its current cost, per the Sun Journal.

April The Auburn City Council decides against suspending curbside collection, instead opting to create a committee that will evaluate the program's long-term future. The Sun Journal reports that Auburn would have been the largest city in Maine to end recycling if it made the move.

The story indicates Carroll and Anne Arundel counties have seen a large swing in costs, and Baltimore's processing fee has gone up sharply under a new contract. June The AFP reports that same facility is making no money on mixed plastics or paper, though is still finding viable export markets for cardboard.