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Choosing Timber – The Best Wood For Building A Workbench

Mixing those cheap fence post legs, with the higher quality wide pine boards, is not only cost effective, but is incredibly efficient to build by hand.

Learn how to build your own English workbench with our video series complete with PDF plans. Or stable enough to glue. A huge slab would save you huge amounts of time in the build, but can you source it? Get it right. Choosing a decent softwood will speed up your build no end, by hand. A chunkier, Roubo type bench design, will require the sourcing of some heftier timbers. These oak boards were all used in one bench build, and I documented building this Roubo style workbench here.

If you have the use of some roughing machinery though, then ash is a fantastic way to go. Hardwoods certainly win in two obvious areas. Both are great for a workbench, but both could be designed out. I love the grippy work surface it creates, and how easily you can stick things in to it. So for work holding, I actually find it the most practical.

Hardwoods on the other hand can burnish easily, so your top gets slippery and can be like having to work on plastic. The thing I love about a hardwood bench, is the solidness in feeling that it gives. You do notice that. Softwood tops are perfect for sticking things in to. Pine and ash are the two most dominate timbers in my mind for bench building. But if I was building my perfect bench it would be of oak. There are very simple fundamentals that make a workbench work, and you should never go beyond those. Just be reasonable — I had somebody once ask me, to build him a bench from his stash of ebony.

The workbench is traditional, sturdy, and simple to build even with minimal hand tools.

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As a professional hand tool woodworker, Richard found hand tools to be the far more efficient solution for a one man workshop. Richard runs 'The English Woodworker' as an online resource and video education for those looking for a fuss free approach to building fine furniture by hand.

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I did mount a face vise to it, and drill a couple of dog holes for hold-downs. Im using 8qtr poplar for my top and aprons, its easy to work and nearly completely knot free. Planes like butter and is semi dense as well, and best of all, cheap. Nice looking, well made stuff sells though. Lie Nielson, Veritas etc. For some the hobby is more about the process than the end result, and the tools are seen as part of an experience rather than a means to an end.

The green streaks are an acquired taste…you can stain it, but then you may as well start with something even cheaper.

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Good for quality paint finished projects. Poplar is a secondary wood only because it is soft and not as pretty as others. It is easy to work but also dings relatively easy. They also have an eBay store if you want to se what they have knocking about! Only imported timber, no home grown. Not cheap. They do have a website. I built mine completely from half-steamed beech whatever that means. It was on sale and It was great. And It looks quite posh. If I was building again I would use spruce or pine for legs and rails, but for the top I would still use hardwood.

For me making a workbench was also a test of my abilities so it has drawbored legs, dovetails at the corners etc. It took half a year from lumberyard to finish Around hours I think. Most tell me that they rarely eat burgers anywhere else. So write this one down for your next business book. Really good burgers taste really fantastically good, and people really like them! Made by hand, cooked to order, inspiring in their delicious imperfection; the heat of the meat, the softness of the bun, the creaminess of the cheese, or whatever else you put on there, all coming together to make for one really good meal.

You can linger over these. A really good thing. To quote from one of my favorite food writers, John T. Confusion remains the norm even now, hundreds of years later. The total truth is that the real thing—really wild wild rice—and what amounts to a commercial counterfeit—have almost nothing in common other than a modestly shared appearance and half a name. The commercial bastardization of the authentic article is basically baseless. But those who grow it, have, I think ended up in a situation that is akin to marketing goldfish crackers as wild salmon.

Just to get the point across again before I move on to the more positive part of this—telling you about how great the real stuff really is—Jim Northrup, author of Rez Road has sworn off even using the name wild rice.

Durango Telegraph - January 17, by Durango Telegraph - Issuu

I just merely want to continue to convey how special really wild wild rice is. Nutritionally, it was a staple that kept people fed much of the year. In the summer, it was cooked into soups and stews with fish and game; in winter, it was often the only food available. Up until the first half of the 19th century, wild rice was used by the Native Americans in the area as a medium of exchange in the place of coins. It used to grow, wildly and abundantly, in lakes and rivers all across the Midwest, including much of what shows up on the American map as Michigan.

It grows this is the real stuff, not the substitute on the lakes and rivers and is harvested every year in late summer or early autumn depending on the sun and other good stuff like that. Ricers have their secret spots in the same way fly fisherfolk do.

Just put it in boiling water and simmer with some salt for about minutes times vary depending on the lake and the vintage , drain and eat. Honestly I kind of like to eat it just like that. Beautifully in balance and extremely clean, with a lovely long finish. So yeah.

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I really kind of just like it the way it is, either as a main course, or on the side with most anything else. At the Roadhouse, we love to serve it with our Great Lakes whitefish, and also as a vegetarian dish cooked up with roasted squash, dried cherries, pecans, and fresh mint. On top of all that, really wild wild rice is a very healthy food. I hope increased awareness will help protect this natural culinary treasure.

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And so do loads of other regular customers. Made with butter, cream and a lot of naturally-made, dark Muscovado sugar the same stuff that goes into our pecan pie and Roadhouse donuts.

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I buy mine from the Roadhouse but you can easily make your own by doing some long simmering at home. Take the greens out and serve them for dinner—save the potlikker for whatever you like. Simmer until the fish is flaking. Add salt and pepper to the soup to taste. At the Roadhouse we serve it over Anson Mills grits which are amazing on their own and excellent under the potlikker and fish.