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I dont worry about things, because I prepare. I cant believe it. They failed to mention firearms and amunition.

Preparedness Zombie Apocalypse | | Blogs | CDC

Thats the basics when you leave any location for new surroundings. While this is all good basic information, the University of Florida officially posted their preparedness exercise a couple of years ago. It has since been removed from the official site, but it is still available in pdf form from one of their departments:.

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A utility knife is just too weak. Our 72 hour kits includes a small hatchet, saw and a knife. James, thanks for reading! Sorry, that kit is an epic fail. Nor is there anything in it to seal the house.

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If there are zombies in your house, there are zombies outside. You have fewer options for a good zombie defense outside of a structure. Or even good spots to hole up for a few days to get your stuff together. Now I will be able to get ready. Way to make emergency preparedness an interesting topic. I think this is an excellent campaign for the CDC to breathe life back into disaster preparedness. The levity behind this is something that will interest my teenage boys…something that is so hard to do in this day and age unless your a pixel, perhaps.

Anyway, I really like this campaign, because it presents a disaster in a manner that I can actually entice my family into discussion; and it will provide some assistance for any potential disaster as well. Awesome job! Worthless without a recommendation for a means of self defense. Does the CDC think that those mindless zombies with a taste for living brains are going to leave everybody alone just because they are carrying a bag with a gallon of water and a couple of sandwiches in it?

Are zombies going to meekly scratch at the door and wait for somebody to come out to check the mailbox? And are the cops really going to respond within a reasonable amount of time when the zombies are chewing on your children? What a waste of our tax dollars. I notice quite a few people posting about the usefulness of a baseball bat in the event of a zombie apocalypse. If you read the Zombie Survival Guide, it explains with gruesome detail exactly what happens to the guy with the baseball bat. You specifically. Yea, you, I see you reading this post.

Articles like this draw attention from a generation that would normally not consider emergency preparedness. While I personally am a member of such a generation, the state I live in Florida makes it abundantly clear that emergency preparedness is not something that should be taken lightly. While this article is somewhat light-hearted, it draws proper attention by a demographic that would not normally think of such preparedness techniques.

I certainly hope those making statements like this are purely trolls sent over by Fox News as otherwise, you are imbeciles. An article on preparedness without the word zombie would not attract the public eye as much as one that would. I, for one, have never even been to the CDC website before today and this exact article lead me here, further proving my point and allowing me to respond to your unwanted criticisms.

In a zombie-like scenario, bunkering is the best strategy for the common person to survive given an adequate stash of supplies.

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Obviously, the standard, non-couponing household will have a limited supply of up to a month not considering fresh water but a much longer supply is needed to allow for basic zombie degradation depending on region and population density. Weapons are more likely needed against pillaging neighbors than from unwanted advances by the undead. Normally a strong offense is the best defense but in a case of being extremely outnumbered, this is definitely not the best motto.

I thought this to be a culturally relevant and FUN way to express the importance of emergency preparedness. Obviously, zombies are not real yet but the effect of disaster on infrastructure is very real. A good way to get an idea of how life might be in the event of a widespread disaster is to look at how survivors in zombie horror movies… well..

Their first concern is often a safe haven… shelter. This is not much different if at all than those displaced by natural disaster or affected by widespread disease.

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

For those of you worried about government spending, this blog was going to be written regardless of whether or not Dr. The fact that you think this blog costs extra demonstrates that you have probably not been to the blog before, which has been in existence for quite some time now. CDC asked Dr. Khan to make the topic of this blog about emergency preparedness and he did just that. A blog that normally gets 3, hits over a period of weeks as received 50, hits in a matter of days.

Does the CDC normally work alongside religious professionals such as priests, ministers, and rabbis? Ali, the real question is how does a resiliency framework hold up in the zombie attack? In this post self-sufficiency remains an important component of the resilience framework, but how does the rest of the resilience framework hold up in a zombie apocalypse.

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I agree with the CDC that being prepared for an emergancy is top priorty, but what i dont think anyone relizes is how real this could be. We all must be prepared for natural disaters but i believe the undead walking the earth will be a glorious day for us zombie hunters.

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Well done CDC. If I may suggest: 1. Try to avoid crowded areas. Try not to draw attention. Hooray for the MIW men in white! Thanks again CDC. Kudos CDC! A large part of your function is advertising and education to increase the public awareness. This particular advertising scheme was pure genius. Also for helping me plan to survive the zombies. Helps fend off the zombies, and makes your food tasty! I have means of protection for my companions and I, too. What a great idea!

Would have never looked up an article about emergancy preparation had it not been approached this way. Love it and glad to know how to get prepared! Thank you! Think of all the little things, you enjoy and take for granted. There would be roving bands of living thinking humans whom, without the threat of law, would be more than happy to rape and kill you just to take what you have, and to enjoy whatever sick twisted fantasy they cook up on the spot. I love the idea of linking preparedness with current pop culture and getting the message out through social media.

I think that most folks will take the humor in it to prepare their own family plan.

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This photo may also lead viewers to leap to the conclusion that folks with phobias and delusions are the ones who may take preparedness seriously.