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by Nora Ephron (2006)

So, while every product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue. In this New York Times' best-seller , Rachel Hollis dispels the lies that stop us from becoming who we're meant to be like, "I'm not good enough. He opened up about his experience with testicular cancer and his approach to dealing with negative people.

Although calls for Oprah Winfrey to run for president in may go unanswered, you can still get a daily dose of her life-changing wisdom and inspiration with this book. After all, no matter what challenges emerge, everyone can use an extra dose of positivity and inspiration.

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The latest book from entrepreneur, best-selling author and social media phenomenon Gary Vaynerchuk is a must-read for would-be business owners. Coming off the success of his previous best-seller, " Crush It ," Vaynerchuk fills these pages with examples of entrepreneurial success, innovative advice and plenty of get-up-and-go motivation. In this six-part book, spiritual guide and best-selling author Gabby Bernstein details how judgments play a toxic role in our everyday lives.

Fortunately, you can follow her lead to learn how to eliminate those draining thoughts and reap the positive rewards in all areas of life, from better relationships to improved health. It can be difficult for western minds. In a world of confused language and philosophy, lack of morals and understanding of much of anything: this book makes a world of chaos make sense again and returns us back to the ancient principles largely lost to history. When trying to make sense of ancient philosophies and spiritual principles, this book is indispensable because it explains in modern language, and in deep and meaningful, life-applicable ways, what the old principles really were and where generations of misunderstanding have gone so terrible wrong as to create this modern society of ignorance, conflict and destruction.

It has helped me live, in meaningful and powerful ways, the principles I once struggled to even understand. Name required. Email required.

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30 Classic Books That May Change Your Life

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