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To further elaborate, Hemmingway expresses several personal narratives, detailing his personal experiences and his shock with the act of bullfighting nonetheless, continuing to learn more about the event, as he was incredibly determined in ensuring that his book would properly portray this sport for his readers.

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One can see that Hemmingway does not hold anything back from his readers, he writes the positive and the negative of everything he sees and feels, and this in itself is a deep illustration and further insight into who Hemmingway was, not just as a writer, but as a person. To expound further, one might be fascinated by his experiences, and in the other, one might be more taken aback by his cruel and rude remarks.

He even goes further as to accuse them of being sexually repressed, and that this sense of frustration affected their writing, and their writing would be easily salvaged if they were able to properly find an outlet for this carnal energy. In essence, he is not just a writer who reports what happens in the ring, he is a writer who expresses his true feelings through personal anecdotes as well as opinions, albeit rude at times. One must read in depth, in order to have a thorough enough understanding of what the work details, as this portrayal, though not always positive, is accurate.

He even mentions his first interest in bullfighting and how his fascination with such a foreign sport even came to his attention, attributing it to the influence of Gertrude Stein.

To sum up, one can see the subtle personal narratives Hemingway manages to sprinkle all throughout his book, though the topic still revolves around bullfighting, it is impossible to ignore the amusing personal portrayals represented in death in the afternoon. The last point to expound on, that further confirms the aforementioned, would be when Hemmingway occasionally addresses his reader in second person-pronoun, to enhance the comfort of the reader, as this feels more like a dialogue between the audience and the author, further propelling the sentiment of intellectual exchange.

In addition to his subtle grammatical shifts, he weaves the character of the old woman into the literary narrative as a vehicle to convey his own personal views and emotions regarding the sport, as her main role is to ask him questions and to seek his personal stance. This is a clever narrative device through which the author is able to integrate his own personal sentiment without betraying himself.

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Survival in Auschwitz Essays. In the Afternoon of Time : An Autobiography. Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Hindi Litterateur Harivansh Rai Bachchan was born in Allahabad in , and acquired immense popularity in the s through Madhushala, a long poem inspired by the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

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Some three decades later, by now well established as a major figure on the Hindi literary scene, Bachchan wrote the first of four volumes of his autobiography, which was to earn widespread praise from critics and readers alike. In the Afternoon of Time is creative abridgement of these four volumes, translated into English for the first time. With a bittersweet tone that recalls the lyricism of Madhushala, the author draws a portrait of provincial life in the first decades of the century, and describes with remarkable candour the struggles, joys and heartbreak of his early life.

The narrative dwells at length on the death of his young wife and the ensuing trauma; remarriage, and a teaching assignment in the English department of Allahabad University; his Ph. D work on W. Yeats in Cambridge; a long stint as Hindi officer in the Ministry of External Affairs; an interlude in the Rajya Sabha; and the meteoric rise of his elder son Amitabh in the world of Hindi cinema.