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Former Literary Agent Mark Malatesta – The Early Years

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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview For months, socially withdrawn Dr. Brent Carson has been reading about women being abducted throughout the city, the most recent article revealing how all of them may have been practitioners of witchcraft. Angela is an energetic, talented and very spirited girl.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Care Of Books, by John Willis Clark, M.A., F.S.A.

She is extremely close and loyal to her friends, but the first moment Brent sees Angela, there is something about her he finds disturbing. That night, Angela is attacked by a psychotic demon, one who has been stealing paranormal beings for centuries and taking them to hell for his personal version of trafficking. The demon almost claims her as his newest prize, only to have his interests quickly switch to Brent the moment he learns of his true identity. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Jennifer Maimone last name pronounced my-moe-knee was born in Southern California and grew up as the youngest, and only daughter, of three kids to some really awesome parents.

Jennifer started to get into the paranormal in the 6th grade when a friend showed her a book about unsolved mysteries and the supernatural. At that point, she never thought such things could actually exist, but was then hooked on learning whatever she could about the supernatural from that moment on. Jennifer graduated from college in , and later that year became a special effects makeup artist for independent films.

She started her own freelancing business as UnmaskedFX, and has been approached a few times by the FaceOff TV program to be part of their show. She hope to one day finish those other works and to see them printed alongside the Alpha Wolf Series.

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A Prize for All Saints. Far away from the city of Pareus, deep in the Red Caves where the Outsiders live, he is busy conducting a controversial experiment: a fusion of magic and science. Though Carrie is reluctant to take Adam to their cave where her family hides their livestock from both armies, she cannot turn her back on him. But her [ Book: The Crimson Vixen by Dee Carey The preordained couple meet when Leigh discovers an orphaned fox and keeps her as a secret companion. In time it is revealed his Kit is also a fierce female pirate.

The Druids determine the pair are destined to rule Ireland. As a fox she is clever. As a woman she is enchanting. Can Leigh set aside his devotion to King Arthur to be with the woman of his dreams? John found an old bottle in the sand that he thought was just some junk. That had washed up on shore But Jason knew better and he took it home to study it.

Who was this man they meet on the beach? He told the boy's he was a Pirate named "Mad Dog" John wasn't so sure, but Jason was curios and that's what [ Book: The Cat Connection by Lawrence Matthews A memoir with surprising twists and turns, this book is the true story of a man with multiple careers and discoveries. Weaving his tale among experiences with a lifetime of cats, he takes us places such as the pilot's seat of his airplane as he fights to get home in terrible weather, and deep in a cave under a Virginia mountain where he discovers a section never explored by man and uncovers a [ Williams "You'll never believe what's beneath your feet The relics, as old as mankind, offer hope for the future, a [ From the moment Lily's plane lands in tropical Trinidad, things go awry.

She planned for rest, relaxation and photography, but instead faces mistaken identity, a gun running operation and danger. Her transportation to her lodging does a no show, and she is mistaken for someone named Katherine by Kyle Warren. Putting the unsettling feelings of her trip and recent [ Now the weirdness has spread throughout the U.

Each fun and intriguing volume offers more than illustrated pages of places where tourists usually [ Living in their grandparent's house they accidentally discover the entrance to a hallucinating chamber and discover that all they have learn about the universe at that moment is not the whole [ Lorelei Lanier and the Arizona-Irish Paranormal Research Society discover more questions than answers when they come across four caves, different levels of passages, pictographs of enigmatic eyes, a tunnel recreating the near-death experience, [ My son-in-law, Robert gave me the idea for the title.

I made a lot of mistakes in editing it in the beginning, but I learned a lot by writing it. I discovered how much I really loved writing. This book can be read by young audiences as well as adults. Since I couldn't afford to pay for a cover it was picked by [ Sophie Maxwell is a late-blooming, unorthodox golfer, and mother of a precocious thirteen year-old.

Determined to put divorce, bankruptcy, and a penchant for gambling in her past, Sophie goes to Italy for a qualifying golf tournament. Jack Walker turned his back on a pro golfing career to become a geologist. Book: Escarpment by David Turri I had seen and would remember. For me, there was an exit into the sunlight.

But for them, there is no way out of those caves Humor, the eeriness of the supernatural, and the horror of war weave through this strange tale, set in Kobe, of a friend's mental breakdown that leads the narrator on a bewildering and unnerving journey; an odyssey through time that ends on the battlefield of Okinawa. She steals a magical key from the wizard's house, hoping she can learn by herself. She flies through a portal to another dimension, where she is chased across the mountains by dragons and loses the key.

Home again, she is discovered by the wizard who commands her to find the key within three [ A special Day For Tyler tells a tale of striving for a dream. With a big enough heart, and a strong will, even the smallest child can become a hero.

All Saints - Pure Shores

In this story, A special Day For Tyler will teach you how you can succeed at everything you do. The theft of a sugar dish, and a magic twig send Tyler on an [ That was before his left arm was hacked off in World War II. The embittered vet is now riding shotgun for an ambitious expedition of anthropologists navigating upriver through the Borneo jungle toward mountain caves. They are obsessed with finding "Borneo Man," the fossils of the earliest species of homo sapiens. However, first they have to pass through Juarez, Mexico, one of the most dangerous places in the world, and then visit the rugged Copper Canyon, where many Indians still live in caves.

Their adventure by foot, bus and [ A world full of castles, Forests, Ice Caves, and Dragons. She goes to a bookstore to see about these dreams, and discovers she is a Dream Walker. She has been called to save this mystical, magical world. On Mystica, the evil wizard Midnight has been released.